Raped! Women's Fear in India

Report // WDR die story 2014 / 45 mins, HD

In December 2012, the rape and killing of a young female student by a gang of men triggered mass protests in New Delhi. Since then, the issue of sexual assault has appeared regularly on the front pages of India's newspapers. The film follows victims of rape in their desperate battle for justice over the course of a year, often using a hidden camera. "For us, little has changed," asserts Suzette Jordan, who speaks from personal experience. After her rape she was called a prostitute by politicians, interrogated like a criminal by police, treated like a piece of meat by medical staff, and humiliated by the courts. Yet the 38-year-old survived and made the decision to discuss publicly an issue that most people in the world's largest democracy prefer to ignore: the continued victimization of women in the aftermath of rape. Taking Jordan as an example, the film shows that as long as India's patriarchy continues to fight and win the battle against social change, the victims of rape will continue to lose out and women and girls will not be safe on the streets of India.

Writer and Director: Dorothe Dörholt
Camera: Basit Jamal
Sound: Anil Kumar Prasad
Editing Olaf Strecker
Music: Karl-Heinz Blomann, Claas Hanson
Production Antje Christ
Commissioning editor: Birgit Virnich

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