Ami Scabar

Ami Scabar

Ami Scabar and the Magic of the White Root

Documentary // ARTE 2007 | 26 min.| digibeta

Ami Scabar's imagination at the stove knows no boundaries. In Italy she belongs to the very few women that may count themselves into the elite of top chefs. Currently Ami Scabar is working on her third cook book besides the usual running of her restaurant. Her new book is going to be about everything horseradish, the hot white root which is called "Cren" in Ami's home city of Trieste.
In the film she develops a menu with her young kitchen crew that puts horseradish in entirely new nuances and combinations on the table. From soup to chocolate, everything is refined with the white root.
She invites friends and colleagues to a test meal. Which recipes will survive and be allowed into the book? Will the dessert with horseradish be enjoyed? To the cheerful crowd at her table every recipe is new and the young chefs in Ami's kitchen are giving their best.

Writer and Director: Corinna Belz
Camera: Frank Kranstedt
Sound: Sven Phil Lentzen
Editing: Jens Gronheid
Production: Antje Christ

Photos © Ami Scabar

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