A Handful of Life

A Handful of Life

A Handful of Life Extremely Premature Babies and their Chances

Science documentary // ZDF/ARTE 2014, 52 mins, HD

Not only in developing countries, but also in the industrialised world, ever more children are being born prematurely – as many as 13 million worldwide. About one percent of these babies fall into the category "extremely premature infants“. Although half of them are able to survive these tiny beings still hold many mysteries for doctors around the world. Research is only just beginning to discover the nature of the human being in the transitional stage between conception and maturation. The science documentary shows international methods of treatment, reveals the results of long-term studies in neonatal research and explores the question of how far high-tech medicine should be allowed to go

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Writer and Director: Antje Christ
Camera: Martin Christ, Brian Gottschalk, Marcel Schmitz, Jean Marc Selva
Sound: Tobias Akly Manuel, Ruedi Guyer, Benoit Ouvrard u.a.
Editing: Jens Gronheid
Music: Karl-Heinz Blomann, Claas Hanson
Production: Antje Christ
Commissioning editor: Linde Dehner

World Distributor NEW DOCS

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