Home sweet Home

Home sweet Home

A film by Ulrike Brincker | 45 mins
A Christ Media production commissioned by ZDF/ARTE, 2022

Photo @ Antje Christ

120 square meters of living space, a towel-sized garden with trampoline and barbecue. The single-family house is still the place of longing for many Europeans. A symbol of normality and of having arrived.

But now it has come under criticism: too antisocial and not sustainable enough. The film tells the story of the single-family house from the boom years after the Second World War to the present day.

Writer and Director: Ulrike Brincker
Camera: Ralph Klingelhöfer, Stephan Neuhalfen, Moritz Rebholz, Moritz Sucker, Nikolai Trawinski
Sound: Slavik Wagner, Tilemachos Manos
Editing: Susanne Bröskamp
Sound mix: studio b media
Color Correction: Susanne Bröskamp
Graphik: Thomas Kaufmann
Speaker: Olaf Reitz
Producer: Antje Christ
Commissioning editor: Linde Dehner

Foto © Antje Christ

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