Donor Children

Donor Children

A film by Ulrike Brincker | ZDF/ARTE 2021 | 30 mins

Photo @ Ulrike Brincker

Private sperm donation is often the only way to a desired child for many couples and single women. Numerous websites bring women and donors together.

However, private donations also involve risks. The sperm quality is not always perfect. Often the identity of the donor remains hidden. Only one in five children born from a sperm donation knows the circumstances of its conception. And although they have the right to know their origins, many still fail in their search.

Writer and Director: Ulrike Brincker
Camera: Moritz Rebholz, Stephan Neuhalfen, Nico Trawinski, Benjamin Zecher, Hans Frimodt
Sound: Michael Schiffmann, Rill Röhlig, Henri Bentheim
Editing: Susanne Bröskamp
Music: Karl-Heinz Blomann
Producer: Antje Christ
Narrator: Edda Fischer
Commissioning editor: Susanne Mertens

Foto © Ulrike Brincker

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